If you are looking to sell your property, then look no further. Harper Macleod offers a one-stop shop for all your property needs.

At Harper Macleod, we understand how stressful the process of selling your home can be. This is why we will support you through the entire process from property valuation, all the way through to completing the legal work.

Our expert property advisers have decades of experience:

  • Providing property valuations
  • Arranging property surveys
  • Marketing your property (website listings, our own comprehensive mailing list, social media exposure, and listings on all major property portals such as ESPC, Rightmove and Zoopla)
  • Arranging and/or hosting property viewings
  • Completing the conveyancing process

Our locally based team brings a deep understanding of the Edinburgh property market. This helps us achieve the best possible outcome for your property sale whilst keeping the process smooth and stress-free.

Harper Macleod is not just a local estate agency. We are also a full-service Scottish legal firm that works to the highest standards.

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Your complete guide to selling property in Edinburgh

When you decide to sell your home in Edinburgh, choosing the right estate agent is the first step towards a successful sale. Our local estate agents are your partners in navigating the complex journey of selling your property. From setting the right asking price to handling legal aspects, we're here to guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless and stress-free selling process.

Marketing your property effectively

Our team is dedicated to showcasing your property to potential buyers in the best light possible. Using a combination of tried-and-tested traditional and digital marketing tools, we ensure your home reaches the right audience. From professional photographs that highlight your property’s best features to crafting compelling listings, we're committed to making your home stand out in Edinburgh’s competitive market.

Our marketing package includes:

  • Presentable property listings on our website
  • Sharing with Harper Macleod’s Edinburgh property mailing list
  • Additional exposure through social media
  • Listings on major property portals:
    • ESPC
    • Rightmove
    • Zoopla

Understanding Home Reports

A legal requirement in Scotland since December 2008, the Home Report is crucial for selling your property. It includes a Single Survey, providing a formal valuation and assessing the condition of your property; an Energy Report, detailing the energy efficiency and suggesting improvements; and a Property Questionnaire, offering insights into the property from the seller’s perspective. As your chosen estate agents, we will help you obtain these reports, ensuring compliance and transparency for potential buyers.

Setting the asking price

Bringing our deep understanding of Edinburgh's residential property market and data on recently sold properties, we'll help you set an asking price that reflects your home's value and market conditions. Whether it’s "Offers Over," "Fixed Price," or "Offers in the Region Of," we’ll find the right way to attract credible offers, while aiming for the best possible return.

Legalities and documentation

Harper Macleod is a full-service law firm with conveyancing solicitors based right across Scotland. We have the expertise to handle your conveyancing needs ensuring that the process is handled smoothly and stress-free. This includes handling the exchange of contracts, where you and the buyer become legally committed, to the completion day when the sale is finalised, and keys are handed over.

Harper Macleod is a full-service legal firm with conveyancing solicitors based right across Scotland. We have the expertise to handle your conveyancing needs ensuring that the process is handled smoothly and stress-free. This includes handling the exchange of contracts, where you and the buyer become legally committed, to the completion day when the sale is finalised, and keys are handed over.

Final steps: from exchange to completion

The journey from agreeing on a purchase price to the exchange of contracts and finally to completion day is carefully managed by our team. We ensure that every detail is accounted for, from ensuring your bank account is ready to receive proceeds to advising on settling any outstanding mortgage or legal costs. Our goal is to make the transition to your new property as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Why choose us?

Selling your property in Edinburgh requires experts who understand not just the market, but the necessary legal requirements, the importance of energy efficiency in today's homes, and how to reach potential buyers effectively. With our experienced local estate agents and comprehensive support, we offer peace of mind and the expertise to navigate the sale of your home successfully

Selling a property FAQ

  • What are the first steps to selling my home?

    The first steps to selling your home involve a series of decisions and preparations to ensure a smooth and successful sale. As Harper Macleod offers both estate agency and conveyancing services, we can guide you through the entire process, starting with a formal valuation of your property. This valuation will inform the asking price, taking into account recent sales of similar properties in your area and the current market conditions.

    Following the valuation, it's important to prepare your home for viewings by potential buyers. This could include minor repairs, decluttering, and ensuring the property is presented in its best possible light. Additionally, it's crucial to gather all relevant documents early in the process, such as your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which is legally required before listing. Harper Macleod will also discuss the legal aspects of the sale, including the conveyancing process, to ensure you are fully informed from the outset.

  • Can I sell my property without an estate agent?

    Yes, it is possible to sell your property without an estate agent, a process often referred to as a private sale. This approach can potentially save money on estate agent fees. However, selling a property involves complex procedures, including marketing, negotiating with potential buyers, handling legal requirements, and managing the conveyancing process. Without the expertise of an estate agent and conveyancing solicitor, sellers may find these tasks challenging and time-consuming.

  • How is the asking price for my property determined?

    Determining the asking price for your property involves a thorough analysis of various factors to ensure it is competitive yet appealing to potential buyers. This process typically starts with a formal valuation conducted by an experienced estate agent or a professional valuer. The valuation considers several key elements, including the property's location, size, condition, and any unique features or improvements that might enhance its value.

    Additionally, the valuation takes into account recent sales of similar properties in your local area, known as "comparables", to gauge the current market conditions and trends. The economic climate, interest rates, and demand for properties in your location also play a significant role in setting the right price.

  • What is a formal valuation, and how does it differ from an estate agent's valuation?

    A formal valuation, conducted by a qualified surveyor, provides a legally binding estimate of a property's market value for financial, legal, or tax purposes, taking into account the property's size, condition, and location, among other factors. In contrast, an estate agent's valuation aims to determine an asking price that will attract potential buyers, based on the agent's market knowledge and the prices of recently sold properties. While the formal valuation offers an objective value for legal or financial proceedings, the estate agent's valuation focuses on marketability and selling strategy, aiming to balance the seller's expectations with the realities of the current market to facilitate a timely and profitable sale.

  • What happens to my existing mortgage when I sell my property?

    When selling your property with an existing mortgage, you must inform your mortgage lender of your intention to sell. The proceeds from the sale are used to repay the outstanding mortgage balance, as detailed in the redemption statement provided by the lender, which may include any fees or early repayment charges. This repayment is typically managed by your conveyancing solicitor, who ensures that the mortgage is paid off as part of the legal transfer process. If the sale proceeds exceed the mortgage balance, the surplus is returned to you. Alternatively, if you're buying a new property simultaneously, you might consider remortgaging, where the mortgage can be transferred to the new property under new terms, potentially adjusting the loan amount or terms to better suit your current financial situation.

  • How can I make my property more appealing to potential buyers?

    To make your property more appealing to potential buyers, focus on enhancing its visual appeal and overall condition.

    Start with kerb appeal; a well-maintained front garden and clean exterior can make a strong first impression.

    Inside, declutter and depersonalise spaces to allow buyers to envision themselves living in the home. Ensure the property is clean, well-lit, and any minor repairs or major problems are addressed, as these can be deterrents. Updating or refreshing areas like the kitchen or bathroom can add value, but even small changes like a fresh coat of paint can make a significant impact.

    Additionally, ensuring your home is energy efficient, which can be shown by a good Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, can also be attractive to buyers, as it suggests lower running costs in the future.

    Presenting a house that feels cared for and ready to move into can significantly increase its appeal to potential buyers.

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